MVMYC RC Sailing Club

Never sailed before, no problem we will teach you. Looking to compete, we do that too with racing at local, regional, and national events all over the USA.

We are American Model Yacht Association (AMYA) sanctioned Club #73 of the AMYA Region 4, Midwest Located in Dayton, Ohio. We sail radio control model Sailboats that are registered classes with the American Model Yacht Association. Racing rules for model yachts are the same as the full size boats, which are administered by the US Sailing Federation. With few of the rules being modified for our small size boats.

Our Fleet

Dragon Flite 95

The DF95 is 37.4 inches (950mm) long, overall height of 53.1 inches, and weighs about 4.6 pounds. The hulls come assembled and trimmed, with or without a radio installed. Hull is vacuum formed polystyrene. Rig assembly is required, taking 2 to 3 hours. The most popular boat sailed. Recommended Club boat.

Star 45

Star 45 is a 45" long hard chine hull, overall height 86 inches, and weighs a minimum of 12 pounds. It is a semi-scale model of the full-size Olympic Star. Some of these models are scratch built using plans available from the AMYA. Others are partially fabricated with major components available from suppliers.


The V-32 is 32 inches long, overall height 51 inches, draft 9 inches, and weighs a minimum of 6 pounds. Hull is vacuum formed polystyrene and the deck is plywood with an attractive wood grain.

Soling 1 Meter

The S1M is one meter (39.37 inches) long, overall height 64.5 inches, draft 10 inches, and weighs a minimum of 10 pounds. This is the AMYA class with the most registered boats. Class rules require that it is supplied by Victor Model Products as a kit or factory built.

Dragon Force 65

The DF65 is 25.9 inches (650mm) long, overall height of 52.7 inches, and weighs a little less than 3 pounds. Class rules require that it is built by Joysway. No kit available. No modifications to the hull shape, keel, or rig design are allowed. Rig assembly is required, taking 2 to 3 hours. Recommend DF95 over DF65 since DF95 is what most club members sail


We invite you to come visit us when out the pond. let us know if you would like to sail one of our RC sailboats  We will teach you.